Please answer the following questions based on your logical opinion, you can also look up some stuff for help

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1. Based on the assigned article (men ‘s shaving), assume you are P&G and have seen your market share in the men’s razor and blade market drop by a third in the past five years.

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  • a. What are three SPECIFIC research question you should ask?
  • b. Describe the research you should conduct for each question.

2. a. Which of the following techniques would you choose to address the hypothesized discrimination?

    • in-depth interviews with salespeople (or customers)
    • focus groups with salespeople (or customers)
    • projective techniques with salespeople (or customers)
    • direct observations of sales interactions
  • Explain your choice.

Toothpaste manufacturers have found cinsistently that if they ask for detailed information on the frequency with which people brush their teeth, and then make minimal assumptions as to quantity of toothpaste used on each occasion, as well as sprig and failure to squeeze the tube empty, the result is a serious overstatement of toothpaste consumption

  • a. Explain why the survey questions of toothpaste used do not match the sales + spillage + waste data.
  • b. Identify a research approach that would answer the questions, “How many times do people brush their teeth?” And, “How much toothpaste do people use per brushing?”

4. For each of the following, indicate whether the research should be qualitative (exploratory) or quantitative (descriptive):

  • a. A manufacturer wants to know all the different purposes for which consumers use carbonated water.
  • b. A political campaign manager wants to discover novel ways to increase the amount of contributions from individuals.
  • c. An electronic game company has two new products but can introduce only one; they want to identify which of the two will be more popular.
  • d. A potato chip company is changing its packaging and has three alternative designs and wants to know which design will attract more attention on the shelves.
  • e. An innovative librarian wants to identify new services that it might offer, beyond the customary library business

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