PLease give the two papers the following. Paragraph 1: Explain 3 most important points that you learned from PP of your peer, Paragraph 2: Your reflections or any added remarks to your peer about this

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PLease give the two papers the following.

Paragraph 1: Explain 3 most important points that you learned from PP of your peer,

Paragraph 2: Your reflections or any added remarks to your peer about this case

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Paragraph 3:  Provide 1 or 2 constructive comments about the contents and presentation of your peer.

PLease give the two papers the following. Paragraph 1: Explain 3 most important points that you learned from PP of your peer, Paragraph 2: Your reflections or any added remarks to your peer about this
Facebook Name Group Date History & Background 2004: Harvard University – five enterprising students Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes introduced the world to an innovative platform that revolutionized how people connect with each other online -Facebook. 2006: Anyone aged 13 or above possessing a valid email address can now join the platform. 2008: Facebook reaches 100 million active people 2010: Facebook introduced the “Like” button 2012: Facebook acquired Instagram 2014: Facebook acquired WhatsApp, 2016: Facebook introduced Facebook Live; it allows users to broadcast live videos. 2018: Facebook faced significant scrutiny and criticism due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, involving the unauthorized access and use of user data. 2020: Facebook launched Facebook Shops, a feature enabling businesses to set up online stores on Facebook and Instagram. 2021: Facebook rebranded the parent company as Meta Platforms Inc. Current Situation ❖ Generated $116.6 Million in 2022 ❖ Market Share is 65.57% ❖ Return on Investment (ROI) is 19.06% Mission Objective Strategy and policy Mission Statement: “To give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” Meta, (2022) Objectives: Engage Customers, Advertising Revenue Growth, Innovation and New products, Smithson, N. (2022). Policy: Notable are its Community Standards geared towards fighting hate speech, violence harassment as well as misinformation by defining acceptable behavior and content on the platform; keeping users protected at all times Corporate Governance Board of Directors ❖ Mark Zuckerberg ❖ Sheryl Sandberg ❖ Peggy Alford ❖ Marc L. Andreessen ❖ Andrew W. Houston External Environment Economic Trends: ❖ Global economic growth and stability offers an opportunity for Facebook ❖ But they come with a certain risks like economic downturns or recessions impacting advertising budgets or consumer spending, which affect the business directly. Technological Trends: ❖ With artificial intelligence (AI) combined into machine learning (ML) Facebook can leverage these cutting -edge technologies for improved content personalization and ad targeting. Political Legal Trends: ❖ Facebook faces significant challenges with regards to compliance with increasingly strict data privacy regulations like GDPR in Europe Socio Cultural Trends: ❖ The accelerated adoption of digital communication tools and remote work presents an ideal chance for Facebook to elevate its communication and collaboration services. Task Environment ❖ Threat of New Entrants : Low ❖ Bargaining power of buyers: Moderate ❖ Threat of substitute products or services: Moderate ❖ Bargaining power of suppliers: Strong ❖ Rivalry among competing firms: Strong Opportunities and Threats Opportunities ❖ Continued Global User Growth ❖ Mobile Advertising Growth ❖ Monetization of messaging apps Threats ❖ Privacy and protection concerns ❖ Increasing Competition ❖ Regulatory and Legal Challenges Table of External Environment Summary of External Factors With DIY projects becoming increasingly popular these days, Facebook has a unique opportunity to enhance knowledge sharing among enthusiasts through various tools and platforms that inspire creativity while also fostering community engagement. By doing so, this development could result in increased user engagement levels alongside content creation on Facebook’s platforms – offering interesting prospects for improving users’ experience within the service offerings av ailable. In addition, e -commerce sales are also on the rise. This presents an excellent opportunity for Facebook to assist companies looking to reach their target audience effectively through improved advertisement campaigns delivered via its targeted adv ertising system designed around users’ behavior patterns and preferences available via the service offerings available. Finally, as internet penetration rates continue increasing worldwide across emerging economies, Facebook has a potential opportunity her e. Leveraging these trends can allow the company’s tech prowess capabilities when expanding into new markets by localizing services based on different market sectors within given regions globally creating diversified revenue streams with increased user bas es throughout developing countries worldwide. Structure and Culture ❖ One of the major operational pillars upon which Facebook stands is functional organizational structure which drives its day -to-day processes effectively. ❖ The firm boasts diverse departments ranging from engineering to marketing with each headed by well -seasoned experts whose cumulative know -how derives growth in their specific fields. ❖ Collaboration, innovation, openness, and speed are cornerstones that define Facebook’s unique corporate identity. ❖ The company places great emphasis on innovative thinking among its employees SWOT Analysis 4 P’S of Marketing Product: ❖ With Facebook’s advertising platform, enterprises can reach their target audience effortlessly. Price: ❖ Product is offered for free Place: ❖ Anywhere with an internet connection Promotion: ❖ Everywhere online Implementation and Evaluation ❖ Implement new strategies to restructure, redefine roles & responsibilities ❖ Ceo and Managers would oversee new operations ❖ A useful tool for doing so is a strategic balanced scorecard that evaluates strategy execution & performance management with emphasis on finance -related matters

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