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Please respond to the following question with a paragraph with your opinion, add citations and references.

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A geographical community is the way a city or community ‘s boundaries are made ins such a way that they are set apart from other communities. It can be set apart by natural or man-made boundaries such as streets, freeways, lakes, rivers or mountains.

I currently reside in Riverside CA which is the most populous city in the inland empire and in riverside county, Riverside city is well known for the mission inn hotel Hotel and spa, the castle park, Riverside metropolitan museum, California citrus state historic park, Fox performing Arts center, Riverside National cemetery, Mount Rubidoux, Riverside Art museum among is located about 55 miles east of los Angeles. 239 miles to Las Vegas following the 1-15N route, 98.7 miles to San Diego and 320 miles to Phoenix by following the 1-10 E route. Some Natural boundaries are mountains, high desert and underground river.

A phenomenological community is one in which the members feel a sense of belonging or membership (Maurer and smith) 2013. Such a community share the same goal and interest example is the schools, a church, a fitness club, and so forth. There are people who share at most 5 phenomenological groups. This community does not necessarily share geographical boundaries as does the geographical community, I am active member in the fitness club, our church and we have monthly meeting / sharing views in the home where I live.

The Role of community nurses is to provide care to the different communities, and the challenge is because of difference in cultural belief different values and goals , For similar communities the challenge is Educational level .individualized care is the best for each community for example a native Indian nodding the head does not mean she / understands what you as a nurse is talking about but it means they respect your presence. The role of the community nurse is to continue researching and studying so to understand individual beliefs and cultural differences for delivery of better care. The community health nursing is involved in the total community, aggregates, groups, families and individuals, the role is to maintain, promotes or improves health of entire community over a long period of time. (Maurer &smith,2009) chapter 1.

I pointed out the cultural differences which is a challenge to most ethnic groups, like some believers believe in spiritual healing therefore they avoid taking loved ones to hospitals, Assurance : according to the institute of medicine (2003) is the function .

maurer, F &Smith,C community /public health nursing practice ,5th edition. retrieved from https://pageburstls.else.comvitalsource bookshelf online

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