Poverty and/or health disparities in African Americans in NY

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The Assessment must include epidemiological methods including, but not limited to the following items:

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  • Descriptive information on the target population (e.g., age,
    gender, culture, ethnicity) and location (e.g., city, town, state).
  • Identification through assessment means of the health
    issue/problem and how it has affected the target population (information
    on impact could come from mortality and morbidity reports, academic
    research, etc. Avoid using online sources such as WebMD. Government
    sources are fine, but the Ashford Library’s journal collection is the
    best means to discover data on health impact.)
  • Risk factors as outlined by epidemiological means (risk factors
    include social and behavioral determinants within the community or among
    the population that contributes to or ameliorates this problem).
  • Other demographic information outlined by epidemiological assessment measures.
  • Explain how the two essential services that revolve around
    assessment are applied to this health problem: 1) Monitor Health and 2)
    Diagnose and Investigate. These two services ensure that a community’s
    health assessment is accurate.


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