Praxis Institute Total Knee Arthroplasty Discussion

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Students are to have read the Knee research article (presented via a link below), and then are to summarize & analyze their reading using the provided questions below. 

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Answer the following questions in your own words to reflect your interpretation of the information to address the following questions.  

1.      What is the purpose of the article? Why is this topic important? [2 points]

2.      How was the research conducted? [Summarize the methods and procedures- 4 points]

3.      What did the authors find? [Summarize the results & conclusions- 4 points]

4.      What are at least TWO strengths of the study? What are at least TWO weaknesses of the study? Explain or defend each point. [4 points total]

5.      What are at least TWO clinical implications from this research? Describe the correlation to clinical practice, then explain & defend whether you found the evidence useful. [2 points]

6.     What are you able to apply from the findings of this research to the utilization of therapeutic exercise for patients recovering from TKA? Explain.

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