prepare a letter to a judegment debtor

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You work for Suzie Que, Que and Cue, LLC, 500 Fifty Street,
Bluewater, MN 12345. Ms. Que represents Rudolph Enterprises, 1234 Kelly
Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92010. Billy Blue ordered merchandise from Rudolph
Enterprises. The merchandise was delivered, but he has not paid his
bill. Rudolph has attempted to obtain payment for the merchandise
numerous times, but all phone calls have gone unanswered. The total
amount due was $4,077.61 plus interest.

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A court order has been issued from a default judgment, ordering Billy
Blue to pay the full amount owed to Rudolph. Neither Ms. Que nor
Rudolph are aware of any bank accounts or other property which could be
used to satisfy the judgment. They are aware that his address is 123
Blue St, Bluewater, in your home state. Therefore, Ms. Que has decided
to send a letter notifying Mr. Blue of the judgment and his debt to
Rudolph. She has provided you with a sample letter sent in a previous case but thinks it needs some reworking.

She has asked you to prepare a letter to the judgment debtor, as well
as a letter to follow up in the event Mr. Blue does not respond to an
initial inquiry. Use the law of your home state to rework the letter
provided by Ms. Que in preparing your letters to Mr. Blue.

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