presidential agendas peer responses

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 Respond to the two  colleagues by expanding on their response and providing an example that supports their explanation or respectfully challenging their explanation and providing an example. 

APA Format 

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Presidential Agendas peer responses

 Peer Number 1: Anndrea Scott 

Population health issues or health crisis becomes an agenda priority when there is a pressing concern. According to Kingdon, “a problem that is verging on a crisis, creates an opportunity for people to advocate their solutions to it, or the political stream changes, and the advocates take advantage of that window to push their proposals” (Kingdon, J. 2001). In any crisis, policymakers, politicians, civil rights, private sector insurers, and activists come together to push their agenda as to how the problem should be solved or provide a solution.

     COVID- 19 pandemic was the most consequential global event that affect many countries and it also left a mark on the county’s health care system, disparity of health, socioeconomic and the presidential election. When COVID was first announced as a pandemic on March 11, 2020, by WHO, affecting the lives of its citizens, the Trump administration overseeing the country was criticized for how it was handled. “Trump’s pandemic response, which contrasted with those of many leaders in other Western democracies, was repeatedly criticized by epidemiologists and scientists” (Baccini, et al. 2021).  The USA suffered the largest number of cases, with an increased death toll, exposure to the virus or infection, loss of jobs, homelessness, and the uncontrolled spread crippled the economy. With the growing concern of public health concerns to control the spread of the virus, the Trump administration places the main responsibilities on each state as supposed to tackle it from a federal level, leaving unformal or incomplete policies to govern supplies or management which worsens the spread of the virus amongst individuals within the communities. This was a failed attempt of the Trump administration to take full responsibility and health leading during the pandemic.

     Another failure of the Trump administration was focusing on border restrictions and preventing the virus from entering the USA however, community transmission was already ramped up and thousands of Americans were dying each day. He failed to implement a quick outcry for public health measures such as testing, contact tracing, and quarantine. With the President’s unconcern urgency with what is needed and what is available to support the country’s cry and conflicting messages, the USA recorded millions of deaths and the inability to care for its citizens through lack of nurses, pandemic plans, and supplies, testing, and public health involvement. At the end of his presidency, his goal was to eradicate COVID 19 and aid in the development of the vaccine.

     On the other hand, when President Biden and his administration got elected their main concern was to combat COVID 19 and return the country to a state of normalcy by “mounting an effective national emergency response that saves lives, protects frontline workers, and minimizes the spread of COVID-19 and “Eliminating cost barriers for prevention of and care for COVID-19” (Kates, et at 2020). This was done by engaging the federal government to act quickly through policies to mandate masks, increase testing and the availability of testing sites, contact tracing, the distribution and management of emergency supplies, and vaccine rollout. President Biden “reversed some of Trump’s noxious executive actions, restoring respect for facts, science, and global cooperation; mobilizing against COVID-19” (Himmelstein and Woolhardler 2021). This was done to improve the relationship between politicians and health ministers as profound leaders in scientific knowledge

     I believe to combat any problems, particularly health concerns, health experts who are currently practicing and have sound knowledge on the issue should be at the forefront. If I was a part of a presidential administration, I would engage the federal, state, and stakeholders in campaigning for the use of medical and healthcare professionals to pull together resources and expertise in combatting the spread of the virus.  I would ensure that the pandemic is not merely a political concern or driven by political initiatives but it would be a health concern for the protection of all Americans.




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 Peer Number 2: Jerri-Ann Rowell 

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Presidential level problem

            The first cases of a novel coronavirus were reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) in early January (Jennifer Kates Follow @jenkatesdc on Twitter & 2020, Comparing Trump and Biden on covid-19 2020). Since then, the COVID-19 pandemic has become the worst health crisis facing the global community in more than a century (Jennifer Kates Follow @jenkatesdc on Twitter & 2020, Comparing Trump and Biden on covid-19 2020). COVID-19 quickly became a presidential level problem due to many reasons, but I believe mostly due how quickly it spread and how easily it came into our country.


President Trump’s approach

            Early on, the President’s initial response to the new outbreak was focused on sealing U.S. borders and preventing entry of the virus (Jennifer Kates Follow @jenkatesdc on Twitter & 2020, Comparing Trump and Biden on covid-19 2020).  President Trump moved to suspend entry from China on 
January 31
, followed by others since (Jennifer Kates Follow @jenkatesdc on Twitter & 2020, Comparing Trump and Biden on covid-19 2020). However, with community transmission already underway in the U.S., and challenges with screening arriving passengers,  travel restrictions were 
not effective
 in curtailing spread in the U.S. (Jennifer Kates Follow @jenkatesdc on Twitter & 2020, Comparing Trump and Biden on covid-19 2020) Meanwhile, the federal government was slow in bolstering public health capacities, such as testing and contact tracing, at the time the virus began to circulate domestically (Jennifer Kates Follow @jenkatesdc on Twitter & 2020, Comparing Trump and Biden on covid-19 2020). As cases and deaths escalated, the gulf between what was needed and what was available grew quickly (Jennifer Kates Follow @jenkatesdc on Twitter & 2020, Comparing Trump and Biden on covid-19 2020). I do agree with Trump on sealing the borders in efforts to lessen the spread of the virus, however, I think his said efforts were a bit late. I do believe he served an imperative role in getting the vaccine ready in a very hasted manner, but due to the end of his term, the following president elect saw the finale.


President Biden’s approach

            Former VP Biden has outlined a number of proposals for how he would address the coronavirus pandemic as President (Jennifer Kates Follow @jenkatesdc on Twitter & 2020, Comparing Trump and Biden on covid-19 2020). VP Biden’s plan states that “The federal government must act swiftly and aggressively” and that “Public health emergencies require disciplined, trustworthy leadership grounded in science” (Jennifer Kates Follow @jenkatesdc on Twitter & 2020, Comparing Trump and Biden on covid-19 2020). His approach calls for the federal government, not the states, to assume primary responsibility for many aspects of the COVID-19 response, including for scaling up testing and contact tracing, providing and managing the distribution of critical supplies, and setting strong national standards (Jennifer Kates Follow @jenkatesdc on Twitter & 2020, Comparing Trump and Biden on covid-19 2020).. For example, VP Biden has said he would call on all Americans to wear masks and work with governors and mayors to mandate mask wearing (Jennifer Kates Follow @jenkatesdc on Twitter & 2020, Comparing Trump and Biden on covid-19 2020). He would appoint a “Supply Commander” to oversee national supply chain of essential equipment, medications, protective gear, directing distribution of critical equipment as cases peak at different times in different states or territories, and make more aggressive use of the DPA to direct companies to produce needed supplies (Jennifer Kates Follow @jenkatesdc on Twitter & 2020, Comparing Trump and Biden on covid-19 2020). President Biden’s efforts have seemed to be more readily available compared to past presidents, but I do believe a lot of the background work was already completed before his election.

What could have been done differently

       A lot of talk surrounds topics such as deaths, numbers, vaccines, etc. related to COVID-19, and most of it is done by the public who all have their own formed opinions. Some opinions are formed based on political affiliation, some based on personal experience and others for various reasons. However, I was bothered by what occurred at my current place of work. I work at a surgery center that is attached to a hospital. We are owned by the doctors who operate at our facility, so of course we continued to perform surgery because as we are all aware, doctors as well as most presidents are generally concerned with the money in their pocket rather than the wellness of the people. We were using so many supplies that could’ve been used elsewhere to help those who were wearing N-95 masks for weeks at a time. Consistent with other studies, N95s in our study were more likely to fail with reuse over multiple days (Rivard et al., The efficacy of continuous use disposable N95 masks in clinical practice in the emergency department 2021). I was really disturbed by the poor decisions made by the leaders of my hospital when just down the hall in the ER, healthcare people just like us, were struggling to keep people alive. But our people were more concerned about a total knee replacement. At that point, I was considering quitting due to the lack of concern. After a while guidelines were put into place but the timeframe in which we still performed elective surgery, I do fault presedential elects for not putting guidelines into place in a far timelier manner than done so.



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