Project one Final Draft (use APA format)

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Listed below is the peer review comments and the teacher comments from project 1 draft you’ve completed. Those things needs to be fixed and added to project 1 final draft. Also, use the rubric to finish the paper.

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Overall, a good first draft. I liked your word choice in some paragraphs as well as your thoroughness in certain sections.
You need to format your research guide properly because it looks like a mix of MLA and APA right now. I’m assuming that based on your discourse community that you should be using APA. I suggest looking up Purdue OWL’s format of APA papers.
It was hard to tell when you were talking about genres or any of the other characteristics because your headings were worded a little ambiguously. Maybe try using Swales’ six characteristics or the rubric to label your headings.
You are also missing some stuff like major topics within the last 5-10 years as well as a major figure in your discourse community. Use the rubric as a checklist for your research guide.
Make sure to properly cite the interview with your father. I am sure you have a lot of great information from your interview!
Check the doc for any more annotations and comments. Work on syntax, grammar, and punctuation. Good luck with your paper! 🙂
See comments on draft – many align with Maryam’s. Basically, you need to format it correctly, check the rubric to ensure you have done what both it, and the assignment description ask for. You need to be far more specific and detailed in your explanations. You must also remember what kind of document you are writing. You are writing a GUIDE to help other people understand the modes used by the HR community to communicate.

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