Proposal Essay ********(MLA)******

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  1. Your paper should be formatted in MLA style( Check out the “Citation Help“( page in the ENG101&102 Research Guide for additional assistance, if needed.
  2. Your paper should have a cover page, introduction, review of
    sources, a plan to collect information, an overview of challenges, a
    conclusion, and a Works Cited page.
  3. Your paper should be 4 to 6 double-spaced pages in length, exclusive of the cover page and Works Cited page.
  4. You may use the first person in this paper. Just make sure to keep your voice consistent.
  5. Your essay will be scored using the Proposal Paper Rubric PDF.
  6. You can access a checklist for this paper to help with your writing process: Proposal Paper Checklist PDF.

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