Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Stopping Bad Habits. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

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Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Stopping Bad Habits. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The initial phase of recovery is by admitting that they are living with a bad habit. Secondly, they should decisively choose to change such a habit. Consequently, they should seek to identify the cause of the habit and eventually look for a healthier habit to replace the bad habit. According to the Health Encyclopedia, such phases may assume other names such as the pre-contemplation phase, contemplation phase, preparation, action, maintenance phase, and termination.

The initial stage of admitting help in raising the consciousness of the victim. At this stage, one should seek to gather substantial knowledge on how beneficial would it be if he/she adopts a healthier habit. For example, what would be the benefit of becoming a nonsmoker? While, at the same stage, it is also essential to learn how one can end a bad habit. This stage may be referred to as the pre-contemplation stage.

At the contemplation stage, one begins to implement the knowledge gathered in the pre-contemplation stage. there is the commitment to start the process via which a bad habit is to be terminated. One may consider restricting themselves within six months.

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At the preparation stage, one is almost set. he/she plans on how to take necessary actions within the shortest time possible, probably a month after the six months of contemplation. Often, there is a plan on how to stop bad behavior, when one is at this stage. For example, an alcoholic addict identifies a support group to be attending. On the other hand, a drug addict may opt for a health facility.

The action phase means that a person takes a definitive action towards breaking a bad habit. For example, one may be actively adhering to the appointments with the doctor, or following a program of losing weight. However, only proven approaches are considered as actions. For example, cigarette smokers with the intention of just cutting back cigarettes cannot be considered to be in the action phase. Counter-conditioning would be significant, where the victim substitutes bad habits for healthier ones.

At the maintenance stage, a person realizes that they have attained a goal, but they need to maintain good behavior. Regarding a person who has lost weight, he/she should check eating behavior to avoid overeating.

At the termination stage, a person acknowledges that he/she cannot be tempted to draw back into the abandoned bad behavior. Notably, seeking outside support is a key thing towards shunning bad behavior. Such social support helps in reinforcing good behavior.

In conclusion, it is clear that everyone can stop bad habits. by facing and addressing them accordingly, without concealing them as though they have become an integral of their lives.

Once again I appreciate your cooperative audience hoping that today’s topic has impacted our lives, and evoked us to reassess ourselves as we choose to stop bad habits.

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