PSY 301 Discussion posts

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Discussion 1


Watch the Groupthink video, and explain
why the concept of groupthink does not necessarily have a positive connotation.
Describe what groupthink refers to, and discuss the conditions that must be
present in order for this process to occur. What are the characteristics of
groupthink, and what are the potential consequences of the group’s decision
making process? Your textbook provides a few historical examples of when
groupthink led our country in the wrong direction. Can you offer a current
example of this, perhaps from the perspective of pop culture? Include at least
one scholarly reference in your post that is cited according to APA guidelines.



Three social dilemmas are presented in Chapter 9 of your textbook: tragedy of
the commons or the commons dilemma, resource dilemma, and prisoner’s dilemma.
Choose two of the three concepts and explain how each is related to social
problems within a specific culture. How did these problems originate, and what
can we do to improve or eliminate them? What recommendations do you have?
Please provide a minimum of two recommendations.

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