PSYC 6378 Walden University Psychology Paper

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    There are a number of structured approach interventions in addition to TEACCH, such as, precision teaching and direct instruction. All of these methods continue to be researched as their efficacy is established for use in the treatment plans for students with ASD.

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    In this Assignment, you will consider the information presented in the case study to design a structured approach intervention to address the target behavior.

  • Consider the following scenario:

You have been hired as a consultant at an elementary school that is trying to develop an inclusive educational program for five prospective students, all of whom have been diagnosed with ASD. All students have reported difficulties with social communication, attention, and executive functioning.

Based on the scenario:

  • Design a structured approach intervention for the target behaviors described in the scenario.
  • Explain why you believe it would be appropriate to use this structured approach intervention at this point in time.

Be sure to support your Assignment with specific references to behavior-analytic theory and research. In addition to the Learning Resources, search the Walden Library and/or the internet for peer-reviewed articles to support your Assignment. Use proper APA format and citations, including those in the Learning Resources.

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