Question 1 (True/False Worth 2 points) Plagiarism is an act of fraud. True False Question 2 (True/False Worth 2 points) In the U.

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Question 1 (True/False Worth 2 points)Plagiarism is an act of fraud.TrueFalseQuestion 2 (True/False Worth 2 points)In the U.S., copyright laws do not protect original ideas because they are not considered intellectual property.TrueFalseQuestion 3 (True/False Worth 2 points)Plagiarism can be prevented if a student changes just a few words from the original source document.TrueFalseQuestion 4 (True/False Worth 2 points)Citing sources will help students avoid plagiarism.TrueFalseQuestion 5 (True/False Worth 2 points)All published works are copyrighted.TrueFalseQuestion 6 (True/False Worth 2 points)Common knowledge is not necessarily anything you know a great deal about. It must meet the following criteria.1. The information can be found in numerous sources.2. The information is known by a lot of authors.Considering this definition, Common knowledge does not need to be cited.TrueFalseQuestion 7 (True/False Worth 2 points)Information found in the public domain, which is considered to be common knowledge, may not need to be cited.TrueFalseQuestion 8 (True/False Worth 2 points)Water will freeze when temperatures fall below 32 degrees is an example of common knowledge and need not be cited.TrueFalseQuestion 9 (True/False Worth 2 points)Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft is an example of common knowledge and need not be cited.TrueFalseQuestion 10 (True/False Worth 2 points)Recent studies have linked the drug Cipro to problems with tendons is an example of common knowledge and need not be cited.TrueFalseQuestion 11 (True/False Worth 2 points)Widgets produced in Transylvania comprise 72% of the global widget production is an example of common knowledge and need not be cited.TrueFalseQuestion 12 (True/False Worth 2 points)Students who use the exact words of an author are not quoting the author.TrueFalseQuestion 13 (True/False Worth 2 points)It is a good idea to use as many quotes as possible in a paper.TrueFalseQuestion 14 (True/False Worth 2 points)If ellipses (.) appear in a paper, it indicates that the writer has omitted some words in the quote.TrueFalseQuestion 15 (True/False Worth 2 points)In APA style, the page at the end of the paper which provides bibliographic information regarding the sources cited within the paper is titled References.TrueFalseQuestion 16 (True/False Worth 2 points)APA requires a page titled Works Cited.TrueFalseQuestion 17 (True/False Worth 2 points)APA style requires parenthetical citations instead of footnotes.TrueFalseQuestion 18 (True/False Worth 2 points)The same citation and formatting style is used in every class across all academic disciplines.TrueFalseQuestion 19 (True/False Worth 2 points)APA Style does not require a title page.TrueFalseQuestion 20 (True/False Worth 2 points)Expulsion is a possible consequence of plagiarism at APUS.TrueFalse

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