Reading exercise ch3&4

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  1. Read the assigned chapters AND review the information in the Modules area for the chapters (may include additional articles / videos)
  2. Download the attached Reading Exercise Form and use this form:
  3. Rename the worksheet following this naming convention: LastNameFirstInitial_chapter#RE.docx (example: WarnerB_1-2RE.docx would be the name for my chapter 1 & 2’s reading exercise submission)
  4. Add your name to the top of the form and complete the attached Reading Exercise form. Note the bulleted instructions at the top (and note that each take-away in each chapter must be at least 75 words, not 75 total for each chapter.
  5. Submit to this assignment (.doc or .docx files only).
  6. Once submitted, check your upload. Download your submission file to a different folder and open it to be sure you submitted the correct document, etc.
  7. **Note – this is submitted via TurnItIn, so be sure you have used all of your own words – no quotes from articles, no copying / pasting / typing verbatim from the text. If a Reading Exercise has a poor TurnItIn score, all other submitted work will be reviewed as well.


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