Regulating Blood Pressure and Complications Presentation

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-Focus on telling one story and telling it well rather than trying to cover too many topics.
-Have a brief introduction just with the information you audience needs to understand your talk or to appreciate it, but don’t bug them with a long list of details.
-Use data to support your claims. Every point you make needs to be supported by evidence, you need to show the data from the studies and include the in-text reference, otherwise it’s not clear where you are getting the information from.
– You should have at least 3 subtopics, each supported by evidence (graphs are the preferred way to show data in science, but not all data can be put into a graph, for other types of data you can have diagrams, photographs, tables, etc.).
-Your conclusions should be about putting your findings in a larger context, not a summary nor a repetition of what you said.

Prepare your slides

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