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The course enhanced my understanding of health policy, especially for nurses. I learned that policy work allows nurses to influence healthcare for patients and the broader community in the present and future. For instance, nurses can advocate for patient data to be in an appropriate language to enable healthcare consumers to participate in decision-making. Advocacy is a nursing responsibility because it results in policies that eliminate healthcare disparities, promoting patients’ welfare and medical outcomes (Nsiah et al., 2019). At the same time, nursing advocacy creates a safe and clean environment for patients and safeguards the human rights of all. This understanding has altered my perception of the healthcare profession. I thought becoming a nurse only involved taking care of patients and families. As a result, I focused on acquiring clinical knowledge and skills at the start of the course. However, my approach changed when I learned the role of nursing in policy formulation. I developed the competencies needed to participate in formulating clinical regulations and other political issues, including strong communication capabilities and empathy. Therefore, the information and competencies I obtained from the course place me in an excellent position to participate in nursing policy formulation.

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My mentor also played a critical role in my experiences and the skills I learned during the course. Even though I enrolled in the mentorship to strengthen my understanding of the course concepts, the program boosted my communication, interpersonal, and communication skills. The mentor taught me the right engagement and messaging strategies to utilize in political courses. As a result, I believe I can contribute to nursing policies comfortably and promote patients’ and families’ well-being. Likewise, the mentorship strengthened my confidence and self-awareness, which enabled me to execute my nursing and advocacy roles competently. Thus, the mentorship strengthened my interpersonal and professional skills, equipping me with competencies to be an effective nurse and advocator.


Nsiah, C., Siakwa, M., & Ninnoni, J. (2019). Registered Nurses’ description of patient advocacy in the clinical setting. Nursing Open, 6(3), 1124–1132.

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