Research essay about bullying

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Research Essay Prompt

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: For this paper, you will learn to conduct research using the library database about a

current societal or environmental issue. You will write a cause-effect essay explaining the issue in detail

AND a possible solution to this issue. You will incorporate evidence from credible sources to support

your points. You can choose from a wide range of topics—however, the issue must have global

implications. I have provided a list of possible topics below. If you would like to write about any other

topic, please consult me for approval.


: Your final paper will be at least five (5) pages long including the Works Cited page

. You

must have at least two causes, one effect, and one solution in the body of your paper

. You must use

examples from the readings and research to illustrate your points. Although you will be citing research

for this paper, you must also include your own ideas. Do not merely restate ideas from your sources.

Sample Topics

Environmental issues: animal poaching, illegal hunting, endangered species, global warming,

pollution, clean energy, conservation, resources and development

Social Issues: homelessness, addiction, access to education, poverty, immigration, aging

population, police brutality

If you have any other topic you would like to research, please consult with me to get approval

Keep in mind that this is a five-page paper and you cannot possibly cover all aspects of a given topic.

For this reason, you must narrow your focus. For example, if you are interested in analyzing

homelessness, you might research about “student homelessness in California.” Researching

“homelessness” in general can produce too many results that will not fit into the scope of this paper.

Crucial Elements



Background information about the topic.

Background information should provide enough

information to give your readers an understanding of the issue at hand. It should answer the

following question: What’s the history of this issue? In other words, how long has it been going on

and how has it progressed? It should logically lead to your thesis.


Thesis statement

. Your thesis paper must include the causes and effects discussed in your paper.

An example would be “Student homelessness in California is increasing because of rising tuition

costs and decreasing public assistance programs. Because of these difficulties, students amass

large amounts of debt and drop out of college.



The main body paragraphs should include causes (why is this problem

happening?), effects (how is it affecting society and/or individuals? Why should people care about

it?). You must also include evidence from the class readings and research to support your claims.



Toward the end of your paper, you should include viable solutions to the issue (what

should be done about it?). You must also include evidence from the class readings and research to

support your claims.



. Your conclusion should give an overview/summation of your main points in the

essay. End with a call to action/statement of implications.


Works Cited

. You must cite all sources using MLA style. The sources should be listed on a

separate sheet of paper.

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