RESEARCH International & Comparative Public Management PRESCRIBED READINGS Boukaert, G. and Pollitt, C. (2011), Public Management Reform: A Comparative Analysis, Oxford., 3rd Ed. Jreisat, J (2011)

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International & Comparative Public Management


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Boukaert, G. and Pollitt, C. (2011), Public Management Reform: A Comparative Analysis, Oxford., 3rd Ed.

Jreisat, J (2011) Globalism and Comparative Public Administration CRC Press


Pierre, J. and Ingraham, P., (EDS),’Comparative Administration Change and Reform: Lessons Learned’, (2010), McGill-Queen’s University Press

Osborne, D. & Gaebler, T. (1992) Reinventing government : how the entrepreneurial spirit is transforming the public sector, Addison-Wesley Publishing

Osborne, S (ed.)(2010) ’ The New Public Governance? ’ London: Routledge

Peters, B.G. (2010) ’ The Politics of Bureaucracy’, 6th ED, London: Routledge


This is the information for the term project in this course. This assignment will be due on 8 September 2023.


1.    Select one country from the 12 mentioned in your textbook (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden,EU commission, United Kingdom or United States of America.

2.    You must do some research and find 3 of the main real problems that society demands from the government of the country they selected.

3.    You will be in the position of a public management advisor. And  the elite decision-maker needs new ideas to implement a management reform to solve those 3 problems.

4.    You will have to write a paper as if you were working for the state administration.

5.    Students must describe:

·       The 3 problems – ( using all the concepts studied in this course)

·       The process of the public management reform to bring the 3 ideas for the elite-decision maker

·       The solutions of the problems.

·       The mode of implementation.

·       The performance measurement.

·       The Transparency of the outcomes.

6. Finally, the government of Zambia need to improve their effectiveness in public service. They will ask for your help since you solved the problems in the country you selected.

7. You will have to study the situation in Zambia (in the same topics), and make a comparative analysis with the country you chose.

·       The Term project must be submitted with APA Format as is established in the course syllabus under APA Format Resources.  Analysis and Conclusion must reflect the student’s own words. The conclusion must include the student’s point of view rather than what the paper includes. Plagiarism won’t be tolerated and will be penalized with a 0-grade point for the assignment.

·       You should be able to write no more than 4 pages (without the cover and the references page) and no less than 3 pages for the whole assignment.

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