RESEARCH PAPER, 8 pages, thorough literature review and discussion of the practical implications. SEE instructions

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For the research paper, you may select a topic from our weekly modules (e.g.
selection measures, testing, job analysis, etc). You will then complete
the paper as outlined in the assignment.

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Research Paper


Your paper should be based on one of the topics listed below.
You will be reporting your findings and recommendations to management.
Summarize the responses for each weekly homework assignment, rather than
copy the weekly assignments to the research paper.

Topic Selection

The topic needs to be selected from the following list:

  1. Man power planning
  2. Structured interviewing
  3. Retention
  4. Personality tests
  5. Aptitude tests
  6. Cognitive tests
  7. Integrity tests
  8. Realistic Job Previews
  9. Pre-employment drug testing
  10. Affirmative Action Plans
  11. Establishing Cutoff Scores
  12. Reasonable Accommodations in Selection
  13. Recruitment


The research paper should

  • include a thorough literature review and a discussion of the practical implications of the information.
  • be structured so that at least one third of the paper is focused
    on your interpretation of the information, practical implications,
    recommendations, and conclusion.
  • include at least three sources from academic journals, which includes:
    • Personnel Psychology
    • Journal of Management
    • Academy of Management Review
    • Journal of Applied Psychology etc
  • be written, using APA style
  • be at least 8 pages long. (Double spaced, 1” margins, Times New
    Roman 12 pt font), excluding the title page, abstract, and bibliography.

Due Date

  • Submit SUNDAY, 15 July 18

Research Paper Rubric




Exceeds Expectations

Meets Expectations

Does Not Meet Expectations


– Includes thorough discussion of approved selection topic from list.

– Displays an exceptional familiarity with content evidenced by at
least 3 scholarly journals, abstract, intro, body, recommendations, and

Length and Format

– Includes all 8 pages, abstract, body, recommendation and conclusion section, and reference list.


– Properly cites reference materials used.

Grammar and Spelling

– Exceptional use of proper English and free of all typographical errors and grammatical mistakes.

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