Research Paper on Immigration Reform

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The purpose of your research is to PERSUADE an audience to accept your claim; it is not simply a presentation of information or a grocery list of facts.You need to present the information in such a way that your readers understand and accept your point of view regarding your topic.

Please remember that quantity does not equal quality.The guidelines for this assignment are 6-8 typewritten pages of text, plus the pages you need to list all of your sources in the Works Cited. However, any essay that is much shorter than five-six pages probably will not be adequately developed, and any one that is much longer than six-seven pages usually indicates that the writer didn’t narrow the topic sufficiently.I’m far more concerned that you argue your claim well than I am in the number of pages you write.

I am also concerned that you use a VARIETY of sources.You’ll need to consult books, periodicals, computer databases, the Internet, and NewsBank (if appropriate to your topic); in addition, I am sure that some of your topics can be argued using field research (interviews, observations, and/or surveys). You need to have at least 10 resources in your Works Cited page, and 5 of these must be different types.The other 5 can be whatever you wish.Remember:There is still life outside of a computer.

Remember that you need to document paraphrases as well as direct quotes in your essay.You may feel as though the whole paper is a series of parentheses, but that is the nature of this kind of assignment.Remember that citing a source in the paper but not listing it in the Works Cited page is an example of plagiarism.Since you are required to use each source at least twice in your paper, an excellent way to check your work before submitting the finished copy is to check off each citation on the Works Cited page as you read it in the essay. When you’ve finished, make sure that every entry on the Works Cited page has at least 2 check marks beside it.If not, you need to find out where the citation is missing.As you’re doing the checking, make sure the page numbers in the essay correspond to those listed in Works Cited and the name/word that appears first in the parentheses is the name/word you see first on the Works Cited page. ***You MUST highlight each parenthetical citation or the first important word (or last name) that introduces the quote.

NOTE: I have included 5 articles to use for this paper. You need to find at least 5 additional resources for this paper. They need to be different types of resources (See instructions above). Paper should be formatted in MLA.

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