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Student paper down below:

The two theories that I have researched to write my report about are the Exposure theory (biological model) and the Adaptation theory. The exposure model is based on the belief that being introduced to the substance into the body on a regular premise will inevitably consume the person into addiction. The biological part as opposed to the conditioning model is under the assumption that the initiation of narcotics into the system causes metabolic changes that breeds the need for more and more of the drug to suffice the craving. ( The Adaptation theory includes environmental, social and psychological factors that influence addiction. Supporters of this theory have analyzed how assumptions and beliefs about what a drug will do for the user and influence the rewards and behaviors related with the use. (

To evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each theory of course would vary from person to person without doubt, but I believe that the exposure theory is a strong theory to go by due to the fact that many people that are started on opioids do get hooked or addicted. On the other hand, the adaptation theory is also very strong as well because environment, social factors and psychological factors do come into play with addicts as well called duel diagnosis. The weakness of the exposure theory is that not everyone has an addictive personality and may not become addicted with the introduction of a foreign substance, but instead go the other way and decide that they do not like the feeling or reaction of the drug. The adaptation theory is a bit stronger in my eyes due to it is known that once taken for a period of time any medication does tend to build up a tolerance in the body and either a stronger dose is needed for an affect or a different drug/medication.

From my experiences and research, the main therapy that is being used today with addiction is (CBT) or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This type of therapy takes the person from the past into the now and makes them accountable for their behaviors now. To work on their negative thoughts and behaviors with a therapist to change these triggers or ill thoughts that make them use. This is also a beneficial therapy for duel diagnosis which seems to be an issue with many addicts. (

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