Respond to this post 200 words and apa cute no older than 4 years. Many questions are raised in education about the curriculum by teachers and parents. Such questions are, how to improve methods

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Respond to this post 200 words and apa cute no older than 4 years.

Many questions are raised in education about the curriculum by teachers and parents. Such questions are, how to improve methods of testing, how to involve teachers in the planning process or are teacher fully equipped with the necessary tools to implement the curriculum correctly. Curriculum development as a problem solving process involves the critical consideration of resources, needs and problems for improvement purposes. Curriculum is a reflection and a product of the society and can contribute to changing the society (Paykoç, 2004).

Curriculum vs student learning

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There are many critical issues that are important to education and improving student learning is at the for-front. I believe the curriculum is supposed to embody the knowledge and skills with which a state, county or school intends to equip students with the necessary knowledge to be successful.  This notion that teachers need to teach for students to better test takers is a huge factor. Trough k-12th, students will be given many test in order to place them in the right class or school. If a teacher was not to prepare students for test, parents and administration would look at the teacher as irresponsible. We know many wouldn’t agree with testing to teach is the best procedure but it is the solution we teachers take.

We must also look at the demographic side of things. In the public schools, we have many students that are African American and Latino and there teachers are predominately Caucasian. These students also vary in regards to their race, culture, socio-economic status, and belief systems. Even greater than the differences between students, however, are the differences between students and their teachers and between the learning styles and needs of the students and the types of instruction teachers have been prepared to offer ( Aydin, Ozfidan, Carothers, 2017). If remembering correctly, discussion three had to deal with the White teaching force being charged with providing instruction to a student body that is increasingly culturally and ethnically diverse. Students “come to class with various levels of competence and academic preparation, different degrees of motivation to succeed in school work, different social skills, and various levels of maturity” (Florin & Hall, 2008, p. 40).

Educational leader’s direction

The curriculum and responsibilities are already on the educational leaders and should continue to stay there. Although I believe teachers should be incorporated in the curriculum training process. Teachers need should have an input on what curriculum is being taught.


Florin, L. & Hall, T. (2008). Change Issues in Curriculum and Instruction/Reform Proposals.



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