Response Postings: Respond to one of your peer’s postings following the above guidelines.Formatting: All references are to be formatted using APA 7th ed. style. (Links to an external site.)Grading:

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  • Response Postings:  Respond to one of your peer’s postings following the above guidelines.
  • Formatting:  All references are to be formatted using APA 7th ed. style. (Links to an external site.)
  • Grading:  Total discussion points = 100 (initial and response) – see grading rubric

Discussion Questions

Please post a response to your assigned question:

  1. In Chapter 10 of the Weberg & Davidson (2021) text, the concept of sociomateriality is introduced.  This concept seeks to highlight how many social elements of humans are shaped, modified, and influenced by various material (e.g. technology, objects) entities in the environment (Weberg & Davidson, 2021).  The authors of your course text suggest that due to the anticipated, significant scaling of emergent digital health technologies, more and more humans are becoming interlinked with technology in an almost seamless, unseen fashion.  With the growing use of many of the technologies you have explored in this course as well as this chapter (AI, robotics/automation, personalized medicine, wearables/biometrics), the blurring between what is social and what is material will become even more subtle in the future.  The authors further recommend that in order to recognize this new and quickly approaching reality, advanced practice nurses/nurse leaders should start viewing the clinical practice environment a bit differently through a conceptual lens such as sociomateriality in order to 1) recognize how the increased merger and blurring of social and material entities within healthcare practice is becoming amplified through the adoption of these emergent digital technologies, and 2) use this conceptual lens to generate new roles for the nursing profession.

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    • Question:  Review Reflection Scenario 1 (page 266-267) and Reflection Scenario 3 (page 280-281).  Reflect on an environment in a clinical context that could benefit from the generation of new insights for future planning and resource allocation (it might be helpful to consider the types of care or clinical scenarios that are being shifted to non-traditional settings).  How could this be accomplished by deconstructing/unpacking the environment and viewing the situation through the lens of sociomateriality (social elements / material elements)?  Share any new insights gained from this exercise related to how this might change the role or generate a new role for an advanced practice clinical nurse or an advanced practice nurse leader?

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