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You just basically responding to the student and what you felt enlightening and compelling

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Student paper down below:

When giving a presentation to a city council and city manager in a public forum regarding their consideration of transition from traditional policing to community-oriented policing & problem solving (COPPS), I would definitely utilize PowerPoint. PowerPoint allows you to customize each and every slide as needed for your specific presentation. People can easily become disengaged and bored while sitting through a presentation. By utilizing PowerPoint, you can prevent that by using images and brighter colors throughout the slides. When discussing the police structure and where it needs to be reorganized, you can customize a graph and be able to show everyone the example throughout the slide show.

The kind of research that I would engage in to provide the information and analysis that the city manager and city council have requested would be on community policing and problem-solving approach. I would gather the information and research that is based on the current policing style of the community and compare the two throughout the presentation to show everyone how it will be improved. It is important to begin the presentation by defining community policing to provide a clear understanding to everyone present. U. S. Department of Justice (n.d.) provides their definition as follows:

Community policing is a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies, which support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques, to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime (p. 3).

As part of getting this presentation ready I would meet with the local law enforcement agencies to ensure that their input is included throughout the presentation and to make sure that I present nothing but facts that are up to date. It is important to have their opinions and information included throughout this presentation. This will also allow them to be informed of the changes that will be made and allow them to point out where changes need to be made directly within their agencies. Colorado Technical University (2019) states those agencies that have embraced either organizational model have learned to become more flexible and to seek police-community partnerships aggressively and foster strategies for innovative problem solving. In order for them to embrace it fully, it is important for them to be included with the presentation as well.

I would make the presentation to the city manager and city council as well as to all of the law enforcement agencies in the community. It is important for them to be able to ask questions regarding the changes that will be made as well as answer questions to any concerns that they may have about them.

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