RIP Rough Draft

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Please complete a rough draft of your RIP CREATIVE PROJECT ONLY (NOT THE ESSAY).

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What you should have completed:

  • A SOLID START to your project
    • BLOGS and SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS should be fully formed and include more than one post. There should be enough text and/or photo/video posts to communicate some substantial part of your story/message, even if it is incomplete overall.
    • REDDIT and FORUM THREADS should contain the original post plus enough comments to get across the beginning of your story or basic concept of the message.
      • REDDIT threads can be posted on our class’s private subreddit, if you like (link coming soon).
      • You need an account to post to Reddit (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You can use a new or existing account. There are no limitations on new accounts when it comes to simply posting to reddit.
        • Here is a page (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. that tells you how to join a PRIVATE subreddit if you don’t know how. Under the “To” field, you can type the name of the subreddit, which is /r/PROJECT_RIP. In the message field, just make sure to mention your name so that I know you’re in our class.
      • If you’ve had a relatively active reddit account for 30+ days, you may also create your own subreddit (private or not) where you can post your project, if you like.
      • Reddit users must promise to respect the privacy of other users!!
    • Any sort of WEBSITE or WIKI should be created, at least partially designed, and contain text, images, and/or videos.
    • NEWS STORIES and CREEPYPASTA stories must be fully drafted (obviously you can revise, but they should be complete), and you must have begun some sort of formatting to make them look and feel like they are actually appearing on a legitimate news website, or the creepypasta website online.
    • BASICALLY: You MUST have drafted some significant portion of both the FORM and CONTENT of your RIP Creative Project. Simple word or google documents are not enough.

TIP on using YouTube videos: If you plan to embed a video in your project, you may choose to host that video via YouTube (probably the easiest way to do it). If you’d like to keep your video out of search results and only accessible via a URL (essentially private), select “Unlisted” from the dropdown menu when uploading your video to YouTube. This means that your video will be viewable to anyone when embedded in your blog/reddit threat/etc, but that it cannot be found in search results publicly on the website. NOTE that you do need to create a YouTube channel to upload videos. Please leave your channel and videos active at least through finals week.

How to submit:

  • You can submit any file format other than a Pages file.
  • You can submit a link.
  • You can submit a document containing instructions on how to access your project, a link, login information, etc. (ie: if your project is hidden in a private account, I will need an invitation or information on how to access).
  • FYI: If you are just submitting a plain word document, you haven’t met the expectations of the assignment.

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