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Article Critique, Tempe Arizona week 5 discussion 2 (response 2).

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After reading “Tempe Considers Laying off Police Officers to Cut Costs,”
respond to the following questions:

  • What ideas mentioned in the articles do you think will
    work or will not work in cutting operations expenses? Support your
    opinions with information from a scholarly source.
  • Who would you solicit input before making budget
  • How do proposed budget cuts impact the trust in the

Our discussion first, then the individuals response nee
to tell the bad and good of post, list references

Nicole wrote The Tempe, AZ. police department has faced or
is facing what many police departments have to face budget cuts.  The cuts
that Tempe PD are looking at cutting is the gang unit, the crime prevention
unit, the mounted horse unit, park rangers, along with reductions to its
motorcycle unit (traffic unit).  
They are also looking at eliminating three narcotic detectives, who were
responsible for a number of major drug busts to include large drug seizures.
They were also looking to eliminate the crime prevention unit, crime
surveillance team, gang unit, the internet/child crimes detectives, two school
resource officers, a dispatcher, swat and a 6 member crime trend team.
 Cutting some of these teams out, but only to downsize and combine would
be better than totally eliminating.  If you cut too many services the
community is used to, might cause an upset within the community.
 Eliminating a third of its police officers, along with many teams/programs
can and will affect the community negatively.  If criminals/gang members
know some of these services are being cut, crime may rise.  
They will take advantage of the communities loss of public service.  
Before making such drastic budgeting decisions, I would talk with my upper
 chain of command and get their input.  Then I would talk with the
rest of the sworn officers to give them some insight and see if they have any
These types of budget cuts I feel would greatly impact the community.
 Knowing there are going to be less police officers out will make them
more fearful.


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