Riverbed Modeler

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**please see the attached file for complete instructions and questions

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This lab teaches the basics of using RIVER BED MODELER Modeler Academic Edition 17.5. RIVERBED MODELER’s user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop features enable students to effectively model, manage and troubleshoot real-world network infrastructures.

In this lab, the student will learn to create a new project and get familiar with the project editor. The student will learn to create different scenarios and learn to simulate and capare results for different scenarios.

In a shared Ethernet network, end systems are typically connected together using a hub. The hub re transmits any incoming frames on all outgoing lines creating a single broadcast domain for all the devices. Within this domain, the Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) MAC protocol is used to determine which node may transmit at any given time and to resolve collisions if two or more nodes transmit at the same time.

RIVERBED MODELER provides a Virtual Network Environment that models the behavior of networks, including its routers, switches, protocols, servers, and individual applications. The Virtual Network Environment allows IT managers, network and system planners, and operation’s staff to more effectively diagnose difficult problems, validate changes before they are implemented, and plan for future scenarios such as traffic growth and network failures.

You can do “what if” analyses (called scenarios in RIVERBED MODELER) on network designs, just as you can on spreadsheets with financial business models. However, instead of looking at “bottom line” financial numbers, you will be looking at how response times, latency (delays) and other network performance measures will change under different network design approaches.

To create a network simulation (called a project in RIVERBED MODELER), you specify the nodes (computers, switches, routers, etc.) in your network, the links between nodes, and the applications that will be running on the nodes

*for the 4 questions please take screenshots of the required parts of the project and paste it in the word document.

*Please upload the model and the word doc as two separate files.


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