school counseling project.

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The final paper will examine and illustrate how the your study school and its school counseling program address each level of the Tiered Systems of Support in order to maximize student well-being and the whole child in an academic environment.

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After having interviewed a school counselor and getting the counselor’s perspective on the effectiveness of his/her program, you will be examining actual school data from multiple sources to support the assertions made by the counselor, and suggest areas of growth based on actual school data such as:

Suspensions rate for minority students

use data from the CDE datarequest, CA school dashboard and California Healthy Kids Survey

In your paper, you will choose one specific area of growth ( Suspensions rate for minority students like the African American, Hispanic and Filipino) for the school/counseling program. You must justify why you chose this area as the area of growth as compared to other possibilities. You will then design a tiered model (look for Positive Behavior Intervention $supports) of support to address the issue that you have identified. Your tiers should include a brief characteristic of the tier, a brief explanation of an intervention associated with the tier, and a brief description of how students are selected for the tier. Your tiered model suggestions need to be validated by research/data and realistic for that school to implement. The paper is an analysis of how the school and its counseling program addresses tired levels of support to meet all students’ need to help them achieve overall well-being and success both academically and socio-emotionally

Attached are the actual interview paper from an school counselor, please use the school I interviewed from the paper to look for data and write the paper. examples of PBIS tier model interventions.

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