SNHU AI Technologies Discussion

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This week, you have spent some time exploring different ethical and privacy implications of different AI technologies. In this discussion, you will be asked to explore hidden biases in artificial intelligence, which have been a hot topic in the news. Before beginning your discussion, read through all of the following articles. You are also encouraged to do additional research on your own.

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For your initial post, write a response of 2–3 paragraphs that addresses each of the following prompts. Your answer must include references to resources used, properly cited in APA format.

  • Provide 1–2 current examples of hidden bias encountered in popular applications.
  • Define some of the industry efforts to reduce bias (such as responsible research and innovation [RRI], ethics by design, and right to be forgotten).
  • How can you apply some of these principles to reduce hidden bias in the applications you described? How do these relate to the efforts currently underway?

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