SNHU Hamp Crafts Current Purchase and Supply Process Process Model Evaluation Questions

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Process modeling is an important part of systems analysis and design. It requires you to think through the different processes that make up a larger system. As you refine and expand a process model, you break down each process until you have a picture of the full system. Process modeling helps you think through how your system works and helps you see how to make the system more efficient.

In this assignment, you will be asked to think through how a process model applies to a specific scenario. You will be given a data flow diagram, which is one type of diagram used for process modeling. This data flow diagram illustrates the current purchase and supply process for a retail store. You will be asked to describe the processes that could be enhanced to add an online storefront for the business. Your work on this assignment will help support your work on the module application short paper for Project One.


Hamp Crafts is a family-owned craft store that has been in business for decades. Its current operations are limited to its physical (brick-and-mortar) storefront. Recently, the owners have determined that one of the best ways to gain additional revenue is through online sales. The online sales process is new to the owners. They need to fully understand how online ordering works, and how it can be integrated with their current in-store purchase and supply process.

You are a systems analyst working with Hamp Crafts to modernize their business. First, you will analyze their current purchase and supply process for items in their brick-and-mortar store. Then you will suggest ways to integrate new processes for an online storefront.

Review the following data flow diagram and description of Hamp Crafts’ current purchase and supply process for their brick-and-mortar store. A text version is also available: Module Three Assignment Data Flow Diagram Text Version.

Data Flow Diagram

  1. Hamp Crafts’ current purchase and supply process uses a local secure merchant account. All the transaction funds are collected and transferred to the company’s primary business account within two business days. Employees are assigned to check the inventory system to ensure all orders are processed in a timely manner. Communication regarding inventory shortages or delays in delivery is a manual process for Hamp Crafts if a potential shortage occurs. Otherwise, the inventory specialist and order fulfillment team input information into the local database regarding order statuses and tracking of shipments.

Describe Hamp Crafts’ current purchase and supply process by responding to the following prompts:

Interpret the provided data flow diagram. What does it show? What does the current purchase and supply process entail?

What are the data sources involved in the current process?

For the new online storefront, Hamp Crafts’ owners want to ensure that customers can easily view products, pay for them, and receive confirmation of their orders. The owners want to be sure that any payments will be transferred to Hamp Crafts’ business account. You have also suggested adding an administrative backend to provide customer support, update customer information, and maintain the website.

In order to add this functionality, you will need to consider Hamp Crafts’ current purchase and supply process. Then you will need to determine the additional requirements needed to support an online storefront by responding to the following prompts:

What additional processes are necessary to integrate an online storefront?

What additional data sources would the system need to access the products and inventory?

  1. What additional databases, if any, are needed to support the online storefront?

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