SNHU Retirement Planning & Funding via Investments in Mutual Funds Financial Plan

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Your final project is a completed personal financial plan that integrates your previous financial plan submissions from Modules Three and Five, as well as retirement planning and funding of your needs through investments in mutual funds or equities. This last assignment requires you to once again revise your personal financial plan to reflect your cumulative learning in the course. 

You will complete the following: 

Worksheet 16: Worksheet for Funding Your Retirement Needs  

Worksheet 20: Your Personal Financial Goals Worksheet  

  • a 5-stock investment portfolio, and  

a 2-4 page written commentary for the qualitative review and observations of your plan. 

  • Now that you have expanded your knowledge regarding short-term planning, long-term planning, asset purchase planning, as well as retirement planning, how will you put your financial plan into action? Is there a gap between what you are required to save and invest to fund your financial goals, and what you have available to save and invest according to your Simplified Income Statement from Milestone One?? If so, how will you mitigate the risk of realizing the appropriate amount of wealth to support your personal initiatives and expectations? Describe your personal alternatives for bridging this gap. How does this change your financial plan?

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