Southern New Hampshire University Importance of History Discussion

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Now that you have begun to explore the different shapes that can be used to construct larger objects, you will be planning out your own 3D scene. The choices you make here will guide the work you complete later in your project.

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After watching the videos for this week, think about some possible 2D scenes that you might want to recreate in 3D. You have been shown the example of objects on a desk but have also looked at a garden, a building, and kitchen supplies. The possibilities are endless!

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Select a 2D image to recreate as a 3D scene. It is recommended that you take your own photo because this will allow you to investigate the different perspectives of the objects in your scene. It will benefit you to have multiple images of different angles of the 2D scene for reference. However, while you may take your own photos, you are also welcome to instead create a sketch or find an image online that you wish to model. You will need to have four objects in your scene. At least one of these objects needs to be made of two or more primitive shapes. You will need to use at least four different primitive shapes in your work. Note that your options for shapes to incorporate into your scene are listed below.
    • Cube
    • Cylinder
    • Plane
    • Pyramid
    • Sphere
    • Torus
  • Discuss which objects will be created in 3D. Of the items included in your image, select which ones you will be creating in 3D. Then explain why these are a good choice for your work.
  • Explain which primitive shapes will be used to create 3D representations of the 2D objects. Break each of the objects you have identified down into their component shapes. Be sure to include a plane, which will be used to ground the rest of the objects, in your scene. For example, in one of this week’s videos you saw how the flat surface of a desk that held multiple objects could be represented as a plane. As you work, explain why your choices make sense and how you will be able to accomplish the overall scope of the work. The goal is to ensure the selections you make will be exciting to explore but also achievable.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit your completed proposal as a one-page Microsoft Word document, including your selected image(s).

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