Southern Oregon University The Endomembrane System Concept Map Worksheet

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Complete the WORKSHEET first then Make TWO (2) concept maps to explore the relationship between cell types, cell structures and cell functions. 

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Map 1 will include the List 1 terms.

Map 2 will include the List 2 terms (cellular structures), and use the List 3 terms to describe the functions of List 2 structures.General Rules for Constructing a Concept Map:

Terms or concepts are represented by words enclosed in boxes.  

  • You must use all of the term provided in your concept map.
  • Use each term only once per map.

Pairs of related terms are connected with lines. 

Each connection (line) represents a relationship between terms or concepts. 

Label EACH connection with a meaningful description.  This description can be a single word or a short phrase.  Please remember that these descriptions must describe the relationship between terms or concepts, and not simply be definitions of individual terms. 

Connect as many pairs of terms as you can to illustrate all of the relationships between concepts

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