SOWK 7338 Our Lady of the Lake University Personal Critical Incident Paper

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The purpose of this assignment is to help you identify aspects of your own ethnic identity and to articulate how your own personal culture may impact social work practice with Hispanic and Latino clients.

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Ethnic identity, an aspect of our self-concept, may be viewed as how we classify ourselves in terms of the group(s) we belong to and who we see ourselves similar to in terms of cultural groups. This involves an internalization of the understanding of “Who Am I” in terms of ethnicity.


Identify and explore a pivotal incident in your own life that contributed to your own ethnic identity development.

Part B – Paper

Assignment Sections and Directions

  • Cover page (APA)
  • Introduction (approximately 2 pages)
    • Introduce the assignment
    • Discuss general personal life details (to your level of comfort)
      • Age, gender, family constellations (current and family of origin), education, employment, ethnicity, health, parents and grandparents ethnicity, etc.
    • Integrate literature that addresses the ethnic group with which you identify.
  • Description and context of the critical incident related to your ethnic identity development (approximately 3 pages)
    • When did the incident occur?
    • What happened and who was involved?
    • What were the emotional factors involved?
    • Discuss your own ethnic identity development at this point in time.
    • In light of your critical incident and your own ethnic development, discuss ways that your own personal culture may impact your social work practice with clients similar to your own ethnicity and with Hispanic and Latino clients.
    • Integrate literature that addresses ethnic identity and that is relevant to your experiences.
  • Ethnicity and Hispanic or Latino citizens and immigrants (approximately 2 pages)
    • Based on your readings of Grande’s novel, identify and discuss aspects of ethnicity that are pertinent to the characters in the novel and that have similarities to your own ethnic identity.
    • Based on your readings of Grande’s novel, identify and discuss aspects of ethnicity that are pertinent to the characters in the novel that are dissimilar to your own ethnic identity.
    • Discuss ways in which you will use this information to enhance your cultural sensitivity when working with Hispanic and Latino clients.
  • Integration of theory and social work practice (approximately 2 pages)
    • Choose one of the social work theories we have discussed this term and explain how you will use that theory to enhance your cultural sensitivity when working with Hispanic and Latino clients.
    • Discuss literature that addresses these points.
  • References Page (APA)

Assignment Guidelines

  • Page Length: 10 pages including APA style cover page and references page. An abstract is not required.
  • Sources: At least 8 sources, including your Payne (2104), Organista (2007), and Grande (2006) readings. The remaining 5 sources must be peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • Format: Font and margins according to APA format. Your assignment must be submitted in MS Word.
  • Deadline: Late assignments will not be accepted for credit except in cases of extraordinary circumstances (e.g., car accident, death in the family, serious illness).

No credit will be awarded for papers that are posted late (in the absence of extenuating circumstances).

However, you are still expected to post the paper, with an explanation for the lateness.

If no paper is posted, a fitness to practice form will be submitted by the instructor.

Tips for succeeding on the paper:

Please write in the first-person for the papers. This is acceptable in APA format when you are writing in an autobiographical manner.

Make sure to save time to proofread your paper for spelling, grammar, and APA format and style. All papers are due by the deadline unless you have contacted me prior to the deadline. I do abide by our OLLU Worden School guidelines for late assignments (as stated in the syllabus). If you have not completed the paper by the deadline, please post the paper to the dropbox and add a note about your circumstances. We will work together to address opportunities to complete the paper if there are extenuating circumstances.

Make sure to abide by the assignment guidelines for including the required numbers of course readings and peer-reviewed journal articles. The Payne text counts as one source even if you cite multiple chapters. However, your text does not count as one of the articles, as a book is not a peer-reviewed article.

Make sure to abide by the assignment guidelines for paper length and inclusion of assignment elements.

Please refresh your memory in terms of types of plagiarism: self, copy and paste, improper citation of material that is copied verbatim, etc.

Unfortunately, some students engage in “copy-and-paste” plagiarism by not putting quoted material in quotes and neglecting to add the page number so the reader can find the quoted material in the original source. This is not just an improper citation, it is plagiarism. Please reach out to me if you need clarification about this.

Here is a helpful resource:

Remember that we have a VeriCite tool in the dropbox where you can check to see if your paper has sections that appear to be plagiarized. I do follow our Worden policy of reporting each instance of plagiarism to the administration. I also assign a grade of 0 to the assignment and do not allow students to make up plagiarized assignments.

Use your resources if needed:

• PPT in Week One- Required Resources Media

APA and Source Choice (PowerPoint File)(information on APA format and peer-reviewed sources)

• Writing Center (if you need assistance with spelling, grammar, and APA format and style)

• Proofreading assistance by a peer

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