SSC 200 University of Dayton Feminist Curiosity Discussion

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Article 1:

Write a 400-word reflection on the film. You have      lived through these movements, viewed them via social media, perhaps even      attended or witnessed marches or protests in your hometowns. There is a      lot here to discuss and explore.

The following questions can get you started, but      your response and discussion should extend beyond them:

What’s different about this period of the       women’s movement from what you watched in the original 3-part documentary       on the history of the women’s movement? What surprised you? What was new       information? What wasn’t? What goals and challenges are engaged?

  1. Post a question for the next respondent.

The initial poster must answer the question of       the final poster, completing a chain of Q&A, and dialogue.

  1. Reply to the thoughts of the person who answered      the question you posted (they should be directly after you!)

Article 2:

1. One of the starting points for “feminist curiosity” is taking women’s lives seriously, which implies listening carefully, digging deep, developing a long attention span, being ready to be surprised. 

  • Why does this need to be stated so emphatically? Why is this not just “common sense”?
  • Share with us something you were previously “uncurious” about…what happened to make you ask more questions, to change that state of lack of curiosity?

What about “feminist curiosity” works for you, what doesn’t?

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