Stanford University Accounting Sandra and Travis Discussion

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Discussion Topic 1: Sandra and Travis

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Computer Company has completed its fiscal year on December 31, 2010.
The auditor, Sandra Blake, has approached the CFO, Travis Williams,
regarding the year-end receivables and inventory levels of Imex. The
following conversation takes place:

Sandra: We
are beginning our audit of Imex and have prepared ratio analyses to
determine if there have been significant changes in financial position.
This helps us guide the audit process. This analysis indicates that the
inventory turnover has decreased from 5 to 2.8 and the accounts
receivable turnover has decreased from 12 to 8. I was wondering if you
could explain this change in operations.

Travis: There
is little need for concern. The inventory represents computers that we
were unable to sell during the holiday buying season. We are confident,
however, that we will be able to sell these computers as we move into
the next fiscal year.

Sandra: What gives you this confidence?

Travis: We
will increase our advertising and provide some very attractive price
concessions to move these machines. We have no choice. Newer technology
is already out there, and we have to unload this inventory.

Sandra: …and the receivables?

Travis: As
you may be aware, the company is under tremendous pressure to expand
sales and profits. As a result, we lowered our credit standards to our
commercial customers so that we would be able to sell products to a
broader customer base. As a result of this policy change, we have been
able to expand sales by 35%.

Sandra: Your responses have not been reassuring to me.

Travis: I’m
a little confused. Assets are good, right? Why don’t you look at our
current ratio? It has improved, hasn’t it? I would think that you would
view that very favorably.

is Sandra concerned about the inventory and accounts receivable
turnover ratios and Travis’ responses to them? What action may Sandra
need to take? How would you respond to Travis’ last comment?

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