Statement of purpose ( Editing )

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Hi there,

I need anyone who could edit this ( Academically ) and correct the mistakes if there’s any ASAP pls.

many thanks. (its only one page in word).


Statement of Purpose

The most important effect on my life has been of my mother. Always since my

schoolgirl, she has been motivating me to study, read and learn more. She could develop

the habits which have helped me greatly in my educational performances. In high school, I

was one of the best students in my school. It made me realize, that no matter how young

you are, you are able to learn anything, all you need is enough willingness.

After graduation school where I earned excellent honors, I entered the Taif

University – one of the best universities in Saudi Arabia. In June 2009, I completed 4 years

of undergraduate studies and received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, finishing at the

top of my class with grade excellent 3.56/4. In our Chemistry Department, students are

required not only to take undergraduate courses, but also to carry out research in one of

the major chemistry topics. My research was about solar photodegradation of Phenol red

in water using Titanium Dioxide nanoparticle for water purification, under the supervision of

Prof Al Amuodi. The moments I had in this university have been an unforgettable

experience. I had the rare honor of being taught by excellent professors. The formal

training that I received in chemistry convinced me to complete my postgraduate study.

In fall 2011, I enrolled for an MS in Lamar University, Beaumont, TX after successful

completion of the UDAP University of Washington program. I got a GPA of 3.7 / 4.0 in the

MS program. The education at Lamar University assumes a deep study of all chemistry

courses, so that I have chosen non-thesis program because it seemed more appealing

and I wanted to learn more instead of do more with my hands. I passed all comprehensive

exams that are required for non-thesis master students. In return, I have become a fast

learner and am now confident to live up to the demands of any course work. In elective

courses I have chosen Electrochem Proc and Corrosion, doctoral level course because I

think it is a rather interesting area and has many practical applications. My creative idea in

this course is using a new catalyst as photochemical and thermochemical from H2O to H2

that can benefit fuel cell. I have done a project on the current state of research on organocopper

catalysts in organic chemistry during my Masters’ program. While working on this

project, I had to study a fair amount of Chemical Society literatures on organometallic

compound. My training in Modern Laboratory Practices class has been quite advanced in

this university; I have learned how to handle with the most recent laboratory equipment

and had an excellent opportunity of attending some scientific seminars. Scientific Writing

and Chemical Communications courses will help me doing any further researches.

My future goal in life is to work as a chemist professor in academia. I feel that I

have most of the qualities necessary that every good chemist should possess. In this

respect, I want to indicate my capacity to work with energy and commitment, I like sports


weightlifting. I like to read and learn about history. I also enjoy learning about the

culture and the people here.

I believe that my serious purpose for lab work, academic background in various

areas of chemistry is to gain valuable research experience and expand my knowledge of

chemistry. I want to continue my education in PhD program at the Department of

Chemistry of University of Montana because it provides excellent opportunities to pursue

research in various areas of chemistry.

Thank you for considering my application.

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