Survey of Marketing

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General Instructions

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Review Case Study (within the READ section): Chapter. 11 – Real Choices at Target

400 WORDS PER QUESTION. 3 APA CITED SOURCES. Please be sure to support your ideas accordingly, using proper APA formatting through in-text citations and a full reference list at the end. NO PLAGERISM!!!

1.Discuss the key points of the case related to Target’s supply chain. What decision is Target’s management facing?

2.Discuss the type of distribution strategy that Target most often practices. What does this type of distribution strategy entail and why is it an effective strategy for Target?

3. An issue that can negatively impact Target’s business success is inventory stockouts. What is a stockout? Discuss least two (2) methods that Target’s management could implement to prevent stockouts. What do these methods entail and why did you select them?

For this part there needs to be 250 words. 3 APA CITED REFERENCES. NO PLAGERISM!!!

– Discuss the roles of PR within an organization.

– Select a company and research it paying particular attention to its public relations efforts.

– Identify and describe some of the proactive PR that has been done for the company to establish and maintain a favorable image.

– Then identify and describe the company’s crisis management PR.

– How have their PR specialists tried to put a good face on bad news?

Be specific and provide EXAMPLES. Include scholarly research on the PR, proactive PR, and crisis management PR.

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