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Chapter 5 Quiz Part 2 Tax Return

Cohen , age 45, is a single taxpayer who lives at 2245 Mardel  St., San
Jose, CA 95130. His social security number is 351-42-1961. Nathan’s
earnings and withholdings as a marketing director at a high-tech company
for 2015 are:

Earnings from Placeware, Inc. $297,000 (this is after subtracting his health insurance premiums –see below)

Federal Income tax withheld $50,000

State income tax withheld $23,500

Other facts and possibly useful information:

Nathan earns interest on a savings account at Bank of the West of $13,075.

Nathan is divorced and pays his ex-wife $4,000 per month. When their
15-year old daughter (who lives 100% with the ex-wife) reaches 18, the
payments drop to $2,800 per month. His ex-wife’s social security number
is 857-51-6438. Nathan does not claim his daughter as a dependent.

Nathan paid the following amounts (he has records to prove payment):

California DMV renewal taxes (the value based part) : $300

Credit card interest expense  $1,760

Auto Loan interest expense  $4,300

Property taxes on his home  $6,200

Blue Cross health insurance premiums $1,800 withheld from his paycheck.

Other medical expenses $790

Income tax preparation fees for his 2013 income tax return  $900

Federal 2014 income taxes paid in April 2015 when he filed his 2015 federal income tax return $1,825

California 2014 income taxes paid in April 2015 when he filed his 2015 California tax return $500

Check to Boy Scouts of America  $1,100

Check for fundraiser to build a new building at Harker School, where
his daughter goes, $8,000. This payment was not related to tuition and
neither Nathan nor his family received any specific benefits.

Check to St. Andrews Church $10,000

Stanford Business School Alumni Association $12,000 (fundraiser to support the business school)

Silicon Valley Republican Party Fund $1,000 (2015 campaign fundraiser)

Nathan paid $100 to attend a fundraising dinner at the Tech Museum of Innovation, the value of the dinner is $50.

Nathan received a Form 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement from Bank of
the West indicating $19,700 of interest expense on his mortgage (a
qualified acquisition mortgage)

Complete Nathan’s Form 1040,
Schedule A and Schedule B. Don’t forget he paid state taxes. If you need
to make assumptions, they should be realistic. Hint: remember that
deductions and exemptions may be limited. You do not have to calculate
additional taxes for  Line 62, forms 8959 or 8960. Input $1,327 on line
62.  Your check figure: Nathan’s Form 1040 Line 75 is $2,,477.

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