Teaching Strategy and Pedagogy Glossary Assignment Instructions Overview Vocabulary has been linked to academic, reading, and writing success in the post-secondary setting. Language and terminology

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Teaching Strategy and Pedagogy Glossary Assignment Instructions


Vocabulary has been linked to academic, reading, and writing success in the post-secondary setting. Language and terminology development are essential to effectively reading and understanding subject-area specific material (teaching methods, pedagogy, differentiated instruction, etc.). Research has shown that vocabulary and skill development is most effective when you construct your own meaning (even at the doctoral level) as well as a visual representation of terms or concepts. Throughout the first 4 weeks of this course, you will develop a personal teaching strategy and pedagogy glossary where you can record important or unfamiliar words, topics, concepts, and teaching methods you would like to explore. You are highly encouraged to develop this glossary throughout the beginning of this course as you encounter challenging terms, concepts or teaching methods that you do not understand, and/or teaching methods you plan to use in your classroom.  This assignment will require you to identify and wrestle with personal meanings as you develop an understanding of relevant terminology and concepts, and it will also serve as a diagnostic self-monitoring tool. The glossary will represent your journey throughout this course.  (MLO: A, B, C, D)

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The glossary is to include at least 15 entries. Disability areas should not be included as glossary terms. Repetition within entries are not to be included. Each section of the Teaching Strategy and Pedagogy Glossary Template is to incorporate at least one citation, with some sections having a required minimum word count noted in the template. Current APA references should be included in the designated area at the end of your template. All 15 entries are to be combined into one document for submission. Each entry should begin on a new page. See attached documents for template(s). All work must be completed at or above a masters level quality and adhere to the current APA format.

The 15 entries must include:

·         At least three teaching methods dealing with Reading Instruction

·         At least three teaching methods dealing with Math Instruction

·         At least two teaching methods dealing with Attention and/or Study Skills

Each term / item will include 4 sections:




Word Requirement

Section 1


Two definitions of selected term (an original/personal definition and a definition quoted from a source).

30 words per definition

Section 2


(Teaching strategies ONLY) What do I need to know, Procedures, Strengths, Weaknesses, Why Selected and Source.

No word requirement

Section 3

Visual, Graphic Organizer, Concept Map

Student generated visual representation of the term showing term understanding and written description if needed.

No word requirement

Section 4

Analysis and Interpretation

Build an advanced understanding / expanded definition of the term or how it would be used in the classroom.

150 words


If a question or section on the template does not have a word count listed within the question, it does not have a word requirement. All highlighted areas should be removed before submission of the template.

Frequent Questions and Answers

Question: I’m confused. This assignment is very different from other assignments I have completed. What terms do I include again?

Answer:  I would suggest you identify teaching strategies and methods. Direct instruction, mnemonics, PALS, SSRS, touch math, PBIS, etc.

Question: What do I do in the disability section?

Answer:  The purpose of this section is to allow you to identify what disability area(s) your term deals with and/or what teaching strategy could benefit.

Question: Can I include the laws pertaining to education (such as ESSA, ESEA, NLCB etc.)?

Answer:  No.  You should focus on teaching strategies, as these would be more beneficial to you in the classroom.

Question: Do I have to draw a picture?

Answer:  Yes. I’m not an artist either  . It should be a candidate-created picture, Word map, Venn diagram, Graphic organizer, Word web, Concept map, or Word study. A hand-drawn picture may be included in this section. This can be a jpg or picture taken of a NEAT and clean hand drawn picture, concept map, etc. The graphic does not have to be computer generated. The picture does have to be inserted into the document, not provided as an attachment.

Question: I don’t know what I am doing is there a sample I can see?

Answer:  I did a partial sample with notes; I am including it here. Note it is a vocabulary word.  I will try to do a teaching method as well.

Question: There are some slight differences between the instructions and the template?  What should I do?

Answer:  Follow the template.

Question: Can I use disability categories as terms?

Answer:   No, you may not, as stated in the instructions.

Question: In the “how can I remember” question in section 4 what does that refer to?

Answer:  This question is asking how you plan to remember the term or teaching strategy.

Question: How do I count the number of words I have highlighted in word?



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