Temple University Antibiotics Discussion Questions

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question 1

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DRUG NAME: Cefixime

    • Each student should describe one of the antibiotics currently listed on the WHO’s list of essential medicines. You can find the list here: http://www.who.int/selection_medicines/committees/… (Links to an external site.) The post should include the following:
      • Antibiotic name
      • Use
      • Mechanism of action (specific)
      • Issues with this antibiotics use (resistance, toxicity, etc)
      • Additional information source(s)

      • question 2 drug name: Rokitamycin

      • Create your initial post on the DQ 12 Discussion Board in response to the following:
          • Each student should post an example of a macrolide antibiotic. EACH POSTING SHOULD BE DIFFERENT, FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED. You may post a note to “claim” an antibiotic before beginning your research for your complete posting. You may post an example from the non-textbook readings, an analog of one of the antibiotics which was not discussed in class, an example discussed in class, or an example from another reliable source. The post should include the following:
            • Antibiotic name
            • Use (or “in development”)
            • Mechanism of action (specific)
            • Current status (e.g. “not used medically – why?, toxicity?, resistance?” or “currently in development – what makes it better than current drugs?”)
            • Information source(s)


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