The Features of Glacial Deposition & Rates of Evaporation Questions

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1) What kinds of landscape features are characteristic of glacial erosion?

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2) What kinds of landscape features are characteristic of glacial deposition?

3) Which is heavier, H216O or H218O?
4) Which is more likely to leave the ocean during evaporation. H216O or H218O?
5) If the evaporated molecule gets trapped in glacial ice during cold time periods, i.e. not allowed to return to the sea, THEN which kind of water molecule becomes enriched in the remaining ocean water? H216O or H218O?

6) A particular level in a deep-sea core has an unusually high ratio of 18O relative to 16O—does this portion of the core represent a global warm-period or a global cool-period?

7) Both plots of temperature (one based on O-isotopes and one based on types of fossil plants) mark a significant cooling even in the Cenozoic. When does this cooling occur?

8) why is the Cenozoic so often referred to as the “Age of Mammals”?

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