The gods in Greek mythology reside and convene where?, history questions help

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1. The gods in Greek
mythology reside and convene where?

a) Valhalla  b) Midgaurd  c) Hades 
d) Mount Olympus

2. Which is NOT true of the goddess Thetis?

a) she had an affair
with Zeus  b) she raised Hephaestus  c) she is the mother of Achilles  d) she is queen of the nymphs

3. This goddess is Zeus’ sister/wife.

a) Thetis  b) Athena  c) Hera 
d) Aphrodite

4. This goddess had an affair with the god
of war behind her husband’s back.

Thetis  b) Athena  c) Hera 
d) Aphrodite

5. This god killed his father to become
ruler of Olympus.

a) Zeus 
b) Poseidon  c) Cronus  d) Rhea

6. This jovial god left Olympus to find
perfect ingredients for wine.

Hades  b) Hermes  c) Dionysus  d) Hephaestus  e) Ares

7. Although he is an Olympian, this god of
death resides in the underworld.

a) Hades  b)
Hermes  c) Dionysus  d) Hephaestus  e) Ares

8. He is the god of metalwork and designed
Achilles’ shield and armor.

Hades  b) Hermes  c) Dionysus  d) Hephaestus  e) Ares

9. He is the messenger god, distinguished
by his winged sandals.

Hades  b) Hermes  c) Dionysus  d) Hephaestus  e) Ares

10. Which of these is not a child of Zeus?

a) Apollo  b) Ares 
c) Herekles d) Achilles


11. This goddess favored the Greek army
and scorned Zeus for favoring the Trojans.

a) Athena 
b) Thetis  c) Hera  d) Aphrodite

12. Why does Achiles refuse to fight in the Trojan

a) he does not believe in the cause  b) he was tired of killing  c) Agamenón stole his prize from war  d) he doesn’t stop fighting

13. This god opposed Achilles because Achilles
desecrated his temple.

a) Zeus 
b) Mercury  c) Poseidon  d) Cronus 
e) Apollo

14. This woman’s face “launched 1000
ships,” i.e. caused the Trojan War.

a) Helen of Troy  b) Chysius  c) Bryssius  d) Thetis

15. His body was dragged behind Achilles’
chariot but would not deteriorate.

a) Hektor  b) Achilles  c) Patroklus  d) Agamemnon e) Odysseus

16. He wore Achilles armor into battle and
died when Achilles refused to fight.

a) Hektor  b) Achilles  c) Patroklus  d) Agamemnon e) Odysseus

17. He devised the plan for the “Trojan

a) Hektor  b) Achilles  c) Patroklus  d) Agamemnon e) Odysseus

18. His death prompted Achilles to
re-enter the war.

Hektor  b) Agamemnon  c) Odysseus d) Patroklus


19. Which is not a part of Oedipus’ destiny according to the play?

a) that he will leave his kingdom  b) that he will lay with his mother  c) that he will kill his father  d) that he will take his father’s thrown

20. What is Oedipus’ internal flaw that
causes his downfall?

a) Pride 
b) Avarice (greed)  c)
Gluttony  d) Lust

21. What is the name of Oedipus’ wife?

a) Antigone  b) Thetis 
c) Brysius  d) Jocasta


22. What story from
the Torah is also recounted in Gilgamesh?

a) The story of
Creation  b) David and Goliath  c) Sodom and Gomorra  d) Noah and the flood

23. Who was
Gilgamesh’s mother?

a) Ninsun  b) Enkidu 
c) Ishtar  d) Hera

24. According to the
text, what “civilized” Enkidu?

a) wine  b) sex 
c) a hunter’s trap  d) knowledge

25. Urshanabi (the
Ferryman) in Gilgamesh is most
closely associated with what mythological hero?

a) Herekles  b) Odysseus  c) Achilles  d) Noah

26. In Gilgamesh, Humbaba is a:

a) dwarf  b) warrior  c) giant 
d) soothsayer

27. What is the name
of the female god that Gilgamesh denied?

a) Ishtar  b) Helen 
c) Thetis  d) Beatrice

28. Why did Gilgamesh have to fight the Bullfrom

a) because Isthar summoned it to kill him  b) becasue he wanted the glory  c) because he wanted to eat it  d) because it belonged to Humbaba

29. How does Enkidu die?

a) from a plague 
b) from old age  c) in
battle  d) suicide

30. How does Gilgamesh die?

a) in battle 
b) from a plague  c) suicide  d) the story does not say

31. What does Enkidu eat before he is civilized?

a) grass and milk 
b) beer and wine  c) raw
meat  d) he doesn’t eat

32. After Enkidu lays with the harlet what happens?

a) his herd runs from him  b) he has a horrible dream  c) he 
returns to the forrest  d) he
sneaks out before she awakens


33. In the Inferno, which of these characters is NOT in the outer circle of hell?

a) Socrates  b) Virgil 
c) Helen  d) Ceasar

34. Which of the
following reasons did NOT place
people in the outer circle of hell?

a) committing
suicide  b) not being baptized  c) not being Christian  d) not taking a stand for God

35. The occupants of
the second circle of hell committed what sin?

a) sins of greed  b) sins of anger  c) sins of sloth  d) sins of the flesh

36. In the Inferno, the poet’s guide is:

a) Homer  b) Virgil 
c) Socrates  d) Plato

37. Who frees Virgil
to guide the poet through the Inferno?

a) God  b) Satan 
c) Socrates  d) Beatrice

38. Which of these is
not an animal the poet encounters before he enters hell?

a) a goat  b) a lion 
c) a leopard  d) a she-wolf

39. Who suffers more
than any other soul in hell?

a) Jesus  b)
Moses  c) Satan  d) Judas

40. Virgil informs
the poet that Jesus took Moses, David, and other good people into heaven. Why
were they in hell?

a) they were
unfaithful  b) they were arrogant  c) they wanted to be there  d) they were born with original sin

41. In Dante’s life, Italy was divided between what
two political groups?

a) the blues and the greens  b) the yellows and the oranges  c) the blacks and the whites  d) the greys and the reds.

42. In the Inferno,
explain the following line, “…I had lost the path that does not stray?’

a) the path is dark 
b) the poet has sinned  c) the
poet has fallen into a forest  d) the
poet is blind

43. How does Minos determine the fate of the soul he

a) by weighing them on a scale  b) by asking them to solve a riddle  c) by eating them  d) by wrapping his tail around himself

44. How many faces does Satan have in the Inferno?

a) 1  b)
2  c) 3  d) 6


45. According to
Islam, who is the final prophet?

a) Moses  b) Jesus 
c) Muhammed  d) Solomon

46. When Jesus is
born, who speaks on Mary’s behalf?

a) Mary  b) Joseph 
c) Jesus  d) Moses

47. How old was
Muhammed when he had his first revelation?

a) teens  b) twenties 
c) thirties  d) forties  e) fifties

48. According to the
Qur’an, what was Jesus?

a) a man  b) a prophet  c) the messiah  d) Allah 
e) a and b

49. What bird showed
Cain how to bury Abel?

a) a raven  b) a dove 
c) a sparrow  d) a hawk

50. Which is not
forbidden food according to the Qur’an?

a) carrion  b) pig’s meat  c) strangled animals  d) what your trained birds have caught

51. Which of the
following is not forbidden by the Qur’an?

a) gambling  b) intoxicants  c) idolatrous practices  d) all are forbidden by the Qur’an

52. Which angel spoke
to Mohammad?

a) Michael 
b) Raphael  c) Gabriel  d) Azrael

application questions

53. Oedipus
was written by:

a) Homer 
b) Virgil  c) Sappho  d) Sophocles e) Plato

54. The
and The Odyssey were
written by:

a) Homer 
b) Virgil  c) Sappho  d) Sophocles e) Plato

55. The
was written by:

a) Homer 
b) Virgil  c) Sappho  d) Sophocles e) Plato

56. Which of the
following is the best example of a “tragic hero” according to Aristotle?

a) Achilles  b) Gilgamesh  c) Oedipus  d) Odysseus

57. Which is NOT a characteristic of a tragic hero?

a) death  b) greatness  c) internal flaw  d) epiphany

58. Which of these is
the best example of intelligence versus brutishness?

a) Enkidu v.
Gilgamesh  b) Hektor v. Potroklos  c) Achilles v. Ajax  d) Odysseus v. Polyphemus

59. According to your notes,  what is NOT
a reason women portrayed negatively in ancient literature?

a) Becasue they were seen as equals  b) becasue only men wrote the stories  c) becasue women were not seen as equal to
men  d) because men write in a world
populated by men

60. He is the blind prophet in both the
Odyssey and in Oedipus Rex.

Creon  b) Agamemnon  c) Great Ajax  d) Tiresias  e) Priam

61. Which is the correct chronological
order from teacher to student?

Plato, Socrates, Aristotle  b)
Aristotle, Plato, Socrates  c) Socrates,
Aristotle, Plato  d) Socrates, Plato
Aristotle  e) Aristotle, Socrates, Plato

62. What
is the difference between what is stated by a character or narrator and what
the audience knows is true?

sarcasm  b) hyperbole  c) agape 
d) irony

What is NOT a religion descended
from Solomon

Buddism  b) Christianity  c) Judaism 
d) Islam

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