The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Essay

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Topic of essay:
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is
actually continuing with the creation
of the state of Israel by the UN decision in 1947. In fact, it is
part of a more general Arab-Israeli conflict.

The main causes of the conflict:

Arabs living in the Gaza and the West Bank are
seeking to establish their own independent state, Israel opposes it.

From the
beginning of the 1970s, Israel creates settlements on Palestine and
others the Arab territories which were occupied by Izrael in1967. The
Security Council and the General Assembly have repeatedly stated that
the establishment of Israeli settlements in the occupied

territories contradicts the norms of international law.

problem of military confrontation, the focus of which are terrorist
organizations and radicalism. Since 2000, in the Arab world, there
has been an increase in radical parties that co-operate with
terrorist organizations.

status of Jerusalem.

the position of states is reduced to the support of their “region”,
in which they see the establishment of their own interests and
strategic plans. The Arab countries are set to return to the borders
of 1967, and this is seen as a solution to the conflict. The Israeli
side disagrees with the proposed formula “peace in the exchange
territory,” since it understands this loss of independence, on
the contrary, proposes to achieve a comprehensive peace without
losses on both sides, but this plan is not accepted by the Arab side.

paper needs to:

  1. Introduce
    the topic.
  2. Present
    the key players (usually, but not exclusively, individual states)
    and their goals.
  3. Present
    several likely scenarios of the unfolding of the game.
  4. Evaluate
    the likelihood of the scenarios based on the literature concerning
    the theoretical aspects of strategic thinking that was covered
    during the course and the in-class discussions.
  5. Conclude
    by presenting the most likely scenario.

& Format

paper has to meet all formal standards as presented in ‘IR Essay
Writing Standard’ and
Thesis Manual

available on student resources (zasoby) under course1 and course 2.
These include:

  • Requirements
    relating to a scholarly paper, such as providing evidence that
    supports your theses, statements and claims, as well as proper
    referencing. Bibliography should have a sufficient number of
    academic sources (at least 20 for 3500 words essay).
  • Editing
    rules: title page; font, Times New Roman 12; margins, 2,5 cm; double
    space between verses; italics for book/periodical titles; single
    quotation marks. The paper must be logically structured (
    introduction; the main body subdivided into paragraphs; conclusions)
    and meet the minimum language standards.
  • Plagiarism:
    be aware that anything copied without quotation marks and references
    is treated as plagiarism

And one more sagnificant thing is this essay should be written by harvard reference style !

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