Trevor Jones is a child , ece354 week 4 discussion 2 help

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Respectfully provide feedback to your peer regarding the activity they shared. Provide suggestions for materials or further activity ideas that might help to address this need as well. 5 sentences or more.

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Based on your own observation, identify the child’s perceived area of need based on the checklist.

Trevor Jones is a child in the age range of 8-12 months. Listed on his screening checklist he seems to struggle with hands and finger skills. Trevor has not yet displayed the action of neither putting objects into a container nor taking objects out of the container. He has not tried to use the pincer grasp nor has imitated scribbling. “Fine motor abilities enable children to manipulate, explore, experiment, and create things with their hands that contribute to both cognitive and language development” (Howard & Aiken, 2015, Section 8.3).

Describe an activity you would do with the child based on the child’s area of need. Include enough detail so that someone else could repeat the activity on their own.

Among the several activities I could do with Trevor to further assess his motor development abilities, I would set a box of toys, all different sizes and shapes (of course not too small to avoid potentially dangerous conditions), in front of Trevor. The toys may include a handheld, rubber ball, a plastic teething toy, a small stuffed animal, and a wooden building block. The different textured toys are intentional to enhance interest. I would ask Trevor, “Wow, what is in the box? Let’s find out.” I would lift each item from the box to show him at eye’s level – essentially to spark interest of different shapes and color toys. I would place the toy back into the box telling Trevor, “You try.”

Explain how using this activity would allow you to be able to determine the child’s specific struggles in this area of need. Be specific.

I would be watching for his attention and looking at what I’m doing. Since “motor assessments measure both the process and product of movement” (Howard & Aiken, 2015, Section 8.3), I would observe how Trevor moves his hands toward the box, in and around the box, what items he tries to grab, if any, and if he is successful at taking the items out. Getting the items out is half the assessment and would be praised with encouragement. Provided Trevor was successful at taking out even one object, I would encourage him to place the item back in the box and to see what another toy looked like. The idea is to have Trevor take an item out and place an item into the box. If Trevor is unable to do so with simple instruction and some scaffolding, then this assessment would be specific to determine Trevor’s struggles in this area.

Discuss how you used your knowledge of developmental milestones to assist you in creating this informal diagnostic assessment activity.

According to the developmental checklist, which provides information as to what milestones Trevor should be reaching at what age, he should be able to remove items and replace items in a container by the age 10-12 months (Developmental checklist, 2012). Having this knowledge effected how I created the informal diagnostic assessment activity because I want to observe Trevor’s performance of fine motor skills that is developmentally appropriate.

Howard, V. F., & Aiken, E. (2015). Assessing learning and development in young children. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education

The Early Childhood Direction Center. (2012). Developmental checklists birth to five. Retrieved from…

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