Two and half Pages Essay – no space

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Paper method – Argument Synthesis

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Write an argument synthesis responding to the following
The readings for this unit have discussed the public health problem of obesity in a
variety of contexts. In your paper, discuss the major issues to be considered when
educating yourself about the public health problem of obesity. Write an argument
synthesis of the information available in this unit and construct your essay to persuade
your audience to agree with your stance on how this problem might be addressed.

Use these 3 sources:




(make a connection (point ) that all these articles share)

Your audience is professors/students in a 4-year university; assume they have not read the texts.
The format is 2 and half pages, no space, 11-point Times New Roman font, MLA style.

Successful papers will:

* Include an effective introduction that gives a general overview of the topic for the reader

• Have a thesis statement that indicates the main idea of the essay.

• Be organized around the issues that the assigned readings explore

.• Include effective body paragraphs that clearly state each issue and provide information
about each issue with evidence from the multiple assigned readings (in each paragraph).

• Use persuasive appeals (logic, character/credibility, emotion) to influence your reader.

• Include a conclusion that restates the main points and explains the importance of the
issue; why is it significant? What might be the consequence of not paying attention to the
public health problem of obesity?

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