University of Miami Mythbusters Science Worksheet

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The Myth:

Experimental Setup:

Background Questions:

1.A. The question to be answered by this segment of Mythbusters is what?

B. Given this question, what hypothesis do you have?

2. Explain why a hypothesis is not just a guess.

3. The Mythbusters have two options: conduct the experiment indoors in controlled conditions, or outdoors in nature. What are the pros and cons of each?

4. What is the independent variable to be tested in this experiment?

5. What is the dependent variable to be measured in this experiment?

6. A controlled experiment such as this one always has an experimental group and a control group. What is the difference between the two?

7. The goal of a controlled experiment is to only alter the variable that is to be tested, leaving all others constant. What variables do the Mythbusters account for in their experiment design? (if any)

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