University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Internal and External Environmental Analysis

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Discuss a methodology to perform internal environmental scanning, monitoring and assessment and external environmental scanning, forecasting and monitoring for a hospital or group practice or public health organization or long-term care organization or stand-alone allied health practice or retail pharmacy.

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Noah Matthew EyriseMany things may influence an organizations decision making processes which will ultimately decide a company’s survival/success or failure. Large or small, for-profit or non-profit, challenges will arise but having a grasp on external influences that could make or break the organization is important. Environmental scanning is a tool that many companies will use to gain an understanding on what will work best for them.  Internal communication of external Information on issues leads to successful organizations. For example, emergence of new technology must be monitored and communicated within a business to ensure efficient production of whatever product/service they may offer. Staying up to date with the newest and best equipment within a hospital may influence patients to choose that hospital for care over the outdated hospital that’s closer to them because of the level of care and efficiency.  While staying up to date on technology is important, understanding the market you are in comes first. As a retail pharmacy you must identify the competition within the area. A personal experience with Pharmacy X that was negative due to lack of communication and overall lack of regard for my well-being from the pharmacist because they were busy led me to change the pharmacy I go to. I now go to Pharmacy Y because the environment was much more friendly, the pharmacist communicated efficiently and made each experience personal and made an attempt to get to know me. Pharmacy Y gained my business because of the level of professionalism and organization they had versus Pharmacy X. Pharmacy X would benefit from environmentally scanning the industry and requiring their pharmacists/employees to uphold a higher level of care beyond the knowledge they supply. They could do so by offering customers satisfaction surveys, checking their patient numbers monthly, getting input from staff on how to be more efficient or how they would like their work environment to ensure both customer satisfaction as well as boost company morale.  


Natalie Kristina WinnIn order to be a successful leader, one needs to understand how to perform internal environmental scanning, monitoring, and assessment as well as external environmental scanning, forecasting, and monitoring. In order to improve a company internally, a leader needs to understand how the company is running. Is it to its potential? Are the employees happy and doing their job well? Are we making enough money to continue what we’re doing? The answers to these questions will help a leader understand what needs to be improved. I also think that having a discussion with the employees, from top employees to a custodian, will help the leader understand what each section of the company needs.In terms of the external environment, a leader needs to understand what is going on in the world to figure out what is best for the company. Specifically, the leader needs to understand the micro and macro changes. Understanding what impact these micro and macro changes will have on the company is extremely important to keep being the best that you can be.Overall, leaders need to be able to multitask in order to bring the company to its potential. This requires understanding the internal environment and the external environment.

and here example for the feedback  you have to give both of the paragraphs feedback Hi Natalie, I agree that leaders needs to be able to multi task in order to successfully bring the company to where it needs to be. I think the most important thing the leader can do is communicate well with the internal staff so they understand the expectations and also allow staff to give some insight into their ideas as well.  Reply

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