UNO Seek Challenge 23SPR-BIOS1063 Biodiversity

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The second Challenge Assignment focuses on observing and identifying biodiversity in nature with the Seek app. This assignment is worth 30 points and is due at 11pm on Sunday, April 16th. You may work with a friend, but EVERY student must submit their own assignment. If you work together, type your partners name at the top of the assignment.

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Step 1: Download the Seek app by iNaturalist to your mobile phone from your app store. We are using the Seek app instead of iNaturalist because the observations in the Seek app never leave your phone and no login is required. The following link is for information about Seek that you can browse via the web.

Step 2: Download and review the Seek user guide using the link above. Become familiar with the features of the app. Tap the Species Nearby button and enter your location (or use phone GPS locator) and browse species that may be near you.

Step 3: Get out in nature and observe some living things. Start around your residence or UNO campus. Ideally you want to get into natural areas and not zoos or cultivated gardens to find wild animals and natural plants. Find organisms that interest you and snap photos of them with the Seek camera. Remember to focus on wild organisms.

Your assignment is below. Type your answers to each question directly into the text box OR upload a Word.doc file.

1. Find twenty-five (25) different organisms with the Seek app. Hint: weeds are wild and weeds are everywhere (even in parking lots). Observe and document at least 10 plants, 10 animals, and 3 fungi. List all the common names of the organisms that you arranged by classification. For example: Plants: live oak tree; Animals: Common Crow.

2. Observe and document at least 5 organisms from a terrestrial and aquatic (fresh or saltwater) habitat. List 5 observations for each habitat.

3. What achievements did you unlock as you added observations in the Seek app?

4. Describe the difference between cultivated organisms and wild organisms. Why are you searching for wild organisms with the Seek app?

5. Which organism was your favorite? Describe its habitat and an interesting fact about the organism. List its complete taxonomy from Kingdom to Species level (or lowest possible level). Use the Species page in the Seek app for help.

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