UOT Principles of Ethics Questions

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2. Based on the results from the above table and your own assessment, please consider whether any or all of the conclusions that Freeman comes to are supported by his evidence. Why or why not?

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3. How do you feel about the study? If you were asked these questions in the same context or manner how would you feel? If a friend were asked these questions how do you think they would feel? Would this motivate you to want to participate in a study like this? This is both an individual statement and a group dialogue so ask questions of each other. Please use courtesy when engaging in debate, opinions are good engaging in mean-spirited actions is not.

4. Come to a decision as to these answers. I would like a concluding statement – if you are working in pairs you don’t have to agree on a single outcome but you should come to some sense of resolution about how we should apply the principles of ethics.


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